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FORBIOSENSING at the "Why R" conference

On 2-4.07.2018, the colleagues of our project Bartłomiej Kraszewski and Agnieszka Kamińska actively participated in the international conference Why R? in Wroclaw. On Monday, they shared with conference participants the knowledge on the use of R in...

Participation of FORBIOSENSIG in the conference "Biology and ecology of woody plants"

On 11-15 June, a scientific conference took place in Kórnik near Poznań, named “Biology and ecology of woody plants”. During this important scientific meeting, on the basis of research results obtained in Life+ ForBioSensing project, two co-authored...

Szukamy Pracownika - Specjalisty ds. promocji!

Masz zamiłowanie do przyrody? Ciekawi Cię co się dzieje w Puszczy Białowieskiej? Chcesz o tym opowiedzieć innym?

Jeśli tak, mamy dla Ciebie ofertę pracy w Instytucie Badawczym Leśnictwa!

A little bit about projet field works

Recently, we have peeped at our colleague from the dendrochronology laboratory. What would you say for a little trip into Białowieża Forest with our field work colleagues? ;)

Photo: Kamil Pilch

Samples dating in the laboratory

Do you wonder how samples dating in our dendrochronology laboratory in Białowieża look like?

Take a glance at our photo gallery ;)