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From life in the Forest - the first frosts in the Bialowieza Forest!

Autumn has come in the natural calendar. The forest is slowly preparing for major changes. This is the upcoming resting time for many species, including trees, which manifests as a change in the color of the leaves. The next project film will discuss the mechanism of leaf color change, which we will present soon. Autumn is characterized by sudden drops in temperature. These weather changes in the Białowieża Forest are constantly monitored by design meteorological stations and their measurements can be observed on the Meteoportal located on our site.

Sudden cooling and falling temperatures in the Forest can not be missed. Only recently, during the day, the stations recorded an air temperature exceeding 20 degrees. Today at 6:40, the station in Gruszky recorded the temperature above the ground -2,2 ° C. It means that the first frosts in the Forest were recorded. October, however, fills us with optimism. Our field works are at this time surrounded by autumn, multi-colored leaves, which in many varieties are orange, gold and during frosts silver.

Photo. Forbiosensing

Text. W.Duranowska, D.Korzybski