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Forbiosensing at the International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection POL-ECO SYSTEM!

On October 25, 2018 Forbiosensing team took part in the largest event in the environmental protection industry in Poland. In the halls of the Poznań International Fair, POL-ECO SYSTEM was held, which presents the latest technologies, solutions and products from the field of environmental protection on a wide scale. The purpose of the fair is to inspire the domestic sector to develop, support entrepreneurs in finding business partners, and in particular broad openness to issues related to sustainable development and the exchange of international experiences.

Our team, acting on behalf of the Forest Research Institute in the bloc: "Panel Innovation and development in environmental protection", carried out an expert panel on "Modern methods of remote sensing in environmental monitoring". The presented issues were aimed at introducing the subject of the use and development of modern remote sensing methods in environmental monitoring. The panel was led by Bartłomiej Kraszewski (Research Institute of Forestry) and presented by the following Speakers: dr hab. Krzysztof Stereńczak (Forest Research Institute), dr hab. Stanisław Lewiński (Space Research Center), dr inż. Agata Hościło (Institute of Geodesy and Cartography), dr hab inż. Katarzyna Osińska-Skotak (Warsaw University of Technology) and dr inż. Anna Zmarz (University of Warsaw). The discussion covered many issues related to the application of image data and lidar data for environmental assessment and management decision support.

Invited speakers are people from Polish leading scientific units carrying out research in the field of the use of remote sensing. The expert panel met with appreciation from the audience.

Photo. Artur Sawicki

Text. W.Duranowska