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Monitoring visit to the LIFE + ForBioSensing project on behalf of the European Union

On May 6 we had the pleasure to host Mrs. Anna McClintock (financial officer on behalf of the European Commission and Mr. Zbigniew Karaczun (supervisor of the LIFE+ ForBioSensing project), who carried out the audit summarizing the project compliance with the grant agreement.
The monitoring visit started with an opening meeting. Project manager, Krzysztof Stereńczak welcomed the guests and discussed what indicators of the project implementation were achieved during this long-term undertaking. Then he presented the implemented and planned use of the project experiences for the future. All this to ensure durability of results and replication of effects.
Then the control was divided into two scopes: The first (technical issues), the purpose of which was to discuss the achieved indicators, planned activities after the end of the project, which will support the sustainability of its results. Deputy Project Manager, Damian Korzybski discussed the preparations for the Final Report, presented the scope of the Layman's Report and took up the issues described in the After Life Communication Plan.
The second scope of control concerned strictly financial matters. Documents from various years of the project implementation were subject to verification. Among the inspected persons were documents concerning fixed assets and public procurement. We had the opportunity to prove that: the booked costs, their connection (invoices from the project) with the accounting system, timesheets, tender documents and the issues of depreciation of costs were meticulously conducted in our project.
We are waiting impatiently for the official information with the results of the inspection and we hope that it will be positive.
Thank you for your visit and for your time.



text. W.Duranowska, D.Korzybski

photo. FBS