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Another publication success with LIFE + ForBioSensing!

In today's news, we invite you to read the article entitled Aboveground biomass density models for NASA's Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) lidar mission, published in the Remote Sensing of Environment journal.

NASA's Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) is a research focused on collecting and analyzing full-wave cosmic lidar data. The main scientific goal of the work was to obtain accurate estimates of the aboveground biomass density of forests (AGBD). This paper presents the development of the models used to create the GEDI AGBD product (GEDI04_A), a description of their development and an assessment of their accuracy. These models are used to create global AGBD forecasts, but will be refined in the future as better and better training data become available.

One of the datasets used in this work is data from the LIFE + ForBioSensing project.

We invite you to read: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0034425721005654 


text. W. Duranowska
photo: sciencedirect.com