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ForBioSensing, admiring biodiversity: Mushroom picking in the Białowieża Forest

September came, and with it a great time for forest walks and family mushroom picking. It is also the date of the beginning of the rut, which is characterized by the loud roaring of males, commonly known as "bulls". This is one of the many attractions that await you during a walk in the forest this season.

During their last stay in the forest, ForBioSensing employees had the opportunity to collect some beautiful specimens. It is worth remembering that it is easy to make a mistake when picking mushrooms. You should therefore pick and eat mushrooms that we know and know are edible. Which mushrooms do we not pick? First of all, we do not destroy poisonous fungi - they are food for animals, as well as for old fungi, because they spread spores from which new specimens will grow. And if you notice any disturbing symptoms after eating mushrooms, you should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Let's also remember the rules of behavior. Keep quiet in the forest. It is also forbidden to litter - probably none of you likes this view. Let's set a good example for other mushroom pickers, collect rubbish from the forest and take it with us.

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