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Białowieża Forest, admiring biodiversity: August in the Forest

August has come to the forest calendar! This is the time when we observe not only the ripening crops or harvesting, but also admire the Białowieża undergrowth fully fruiting.

This is a very good time to fill your pantries with forest fruit: strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. And also to supplement your home medicine cabinet with the benefits of healing herbs. On hot days, the sweet smell of resin is clearly noticeable. In the forest groves, everything matures, clearings and forest meadows experience the spring of their lives.

For the ForBioSensing team, it is a time of monitoring forest stands, but also a great opportunity to see the last time this year's multicolored flowers of forest glades bloom - clover, meadow pea or meadow geranium.

In the attached photos we present the August biodiversity of the forest. We encourage you to admire nature.

texy. W.Duranowska
photos. FBS, A.Laskowska-Ginszt