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ForBioSensing, admiring biodiversity: Winter in the Białowieża Forest

In winter, when there are no leaves on the trees, it is worth looking towards the sky and appreciating the size of the trees. This is the perfect time of the year to observe the dimensions of the forest stand. You can see huge trunks of oaks, tall pines and other impressive trees. The sun's rays that fall low, visually show the deeply grooved bark.

The winter season is usually considered the time when life dies, goes to sleep, and those who have not hibernated have made a seasonal journey to warm countries. How is it in fact? Here, in turn, it is worth looking down. Thanks to the lying snow, you can see that the forest is alive. Hundreds of animal tracks form paths, and you can also find traces of loners. On a snowy day, snow crystals sparkle on the ground and trees in the sun's rays. Then it is worth going for a hike and not forget it with a warm clothes.

And to all recipients, before embarking on such an escapade, in particular those who are thermophilic, we recommend our latest promotional film entitled "The forest is changing!" ForBioSensing specialists talk about the observation and measurement of tens of thousands of trees. Also about the tallest and most magnificent.

They are real forest giants: https://youtu.be/Ny-K-VK7CZM

tekst. W.Duranowska
fot. K.Pilch