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ForBioSensing, admiring biodiversity: Autumn in the Białowieża Forest

Autumn is a special time of the year. A time when the leaves sparkle on trees with a multitude of colors - especially yellow, orange and brown, then fall and create a beautiful, colorful autumn carpet. It is also the date when there are fewest people in the Forest. Only a few stop to look at the beautiful leaves. There are also children among them. They will be delighted when they find chestnut or acorns under the layer of the "carpet".

It is also a great time for ForBioSensing specialists. During their tasks, their eyes are focused on large, old trees with drooping leaves that spin in the rhythm of the autumn wind. It also happens that the fog gives this aura of mystery. It is impossible not to notice the activity of animals during this time, because they stock up for the winter. Every year, the ForBioSensing team observes the activities of, among others, squirrels, jays and wild boars, which eat the gifts of the forest with appetite.

In today's news, we would like to present you a bird's eye view of the autumn forest stand. We also encourage forest hikes, during which nature delights with its juicy autumn colors.


Text. W.Duranowska

Photos. Ł.Kuberski