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The latest scientific article - ForBioSensing

We invite you to read the latest scientific article created as part of the ForBioSensing project.

The authors of the publication: Miłosz Mielcarek, Agnieszka Kamińska and Krzysztof Stereńczak point out the rapid development of digital aerial photogrammetry (DAP) and interest in the use of DAP data in the context of estimating the parameters of trees and stands.

In the article entitled "Digital Aerial Photogrammetry (DAP) and Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) as Sources of Information about Tree Height: Comparisons of the Accuracy of Remote Sensing Methods for Tree Height Estimation", the accuracy of estimating the height of trees based on the crown model CHM) generated based on DAP and ALS data.

In addition, the study examined the impact of tree and stand characteristics on discrepancies between tree heights estimated on the basis of DAP and ALS data. Tree species and height difference (difference between reference tree height and average tree height on the sample plot) had the greatest impact on differences between heights obtained from ALS and DAP data. Our study confirms that CHM generated on the basis of DAP data can be successfully used to measure the height of trees in the upper layer of crowns.


The article was published in the Remote Sensing journal.

We encourage you to read!


Text. W.Duranowska, M.Mielcarek
Photo. Remote Sensing