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The Białowieża Forest, admiring the biodiversity: The richness of flora in the spring

We would like to introduce you to the colorfulness and diversity of plants that can be found in the spring in the Białowieża Forest. The richness of flora in the Forest is huge. Our employees have the honor to admire the beauty of this extraordinary season of the year.

In the pictures we present a few plants encountered by our employees during the last field work:


Bear's garlic (Allium ursinum L.) - has all the properties of garlic. However, it surpasses it in terms of the content of certain substances, primarily sulfur compounds, which positively affect the cardiovascular and digestive systems, as well as help fight viruses and bacteria.

Alpine currant (Ribes alpinum L.) - a wild plant found not only in the Alps, but also in the lowlands in fertile forests. It begins to bear fruit in July, but its translucent round fruit is unfit for consumption due to its bland taste.

Spring granules (Ficaria verna Huds.) - a poisonous plant during flowering, but earlier the leaves are edible and in the past were an important source of vitamin C in the pre-harvest. It forms compact carpets of green leaves in the forests, and yellow flowers in spring.


Spring months are a great time to admire the beauty of the forest's nature.


Text W.Duranowska

Photos. A.Szulc