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ForBioSensing - works remotely!

Ladies and Gentlemen, in accordance with the guidelines of the Forest Research Institute and sanitary services, the ForBioSensing team performs its duties in accordance with the work schedule, but in a different location, adapted to the current reality. Thus, work is carried out remotely in the home space or in the comfort of the laboratory.


Team members set an example of fruitful work at their own desks without compromising on its quality, while maintaining care for human health: theirs, relatives and colleagues. As you can see in the attached photo - work is on!


Using data obtained during field measurements, we verify them and create a reference for the classification of individual trees in the whole area of ​​the Białowieża Forest. Thanks to the data obtained from laser scanning together with aerial photographs in August 2019, an updated map of the upper floor of the stands of the Białowieża Forest will be created.



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Tekst. W.Duranowska

Fot. M.Lisiewicz