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ForBioSensing - data reading from dendrometers in February

Specialists in the ForBioSensing project continue their field operations in the Białowieża Forest during February. Their last task was to read the status of dendrometers - special devices mounted permanently on trees, which non-invasively monitor the growth of the tree circumference. The project constantly monitors growth, performed using 278 dendrometers located on 10 major species of trees found in the Białowieża Forest.

Thanks to these devices, the first data of this type is provided for the Polish part of the Białowieża Forest. Dendrometers have many functions, e.g. they automatically measure the diameter of a tree using data from the trunk circumference, store data (in the device's internal memory), and measure the air temperature. The dendrometer can save a lot of measurement data, even if power is lost or the memory capacity runs out. Then the obtained data is exported to a laptop computer whose memory capacity ensures the storage of a minimum of 40,000 typical measurements. It is worth adding that the measurement accuracy is not less than one micrometer.

In the attached photos we present you field activities while reading data from dendrometers.


Text. W.Duranowska

Photos. K.Pilch