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ForBioSensing, our activities in the Białowieża Forest: Morning in the Forest

We have something for people who want to see the world of the awakening nature of the Białowieża Forest. We present one of the most interesting views in the forest - the fog covering the forest stand. Field workers come into contact with surfaces where each step is made in the wild and free nature. It is an honor to bow their heads before the majesty of the Slavic wilderness.

The Białowieska Forest is one of the few places that gives an idea of ​​what the original forest looked like, covering centuries of most of Poland's territory. You can see there huge centuries-old trees that ForBioSensing deals with every day during field work. To assess the number of needle years at the top of the highest spruce in the forest, which is almost 49.7 meters high - is a real challenge. To illustrate the height of such a spruce, it can be said that its top reaches from the highest tower of the Saint Roch Basilica.

And there are many such trees whose height exceeds 45 meters in the forest, in 2015 there were 270 of them. Amazing emotions accompany the measurements of the oldest or thickest trees. The forester's soul rejoices standing in front of a nearly 400-year-old pine or a majestic oak.

And when such trees are additionally covered with fog - the beauty of the forest is breathtaking and touching, a hundred times.


Text W.Duranowska

Photo. M.Białczak