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LIFE + for Janowskie Forests - Forbiosensing on the VI Platform Meeting of LIFE projects

On 18-19 of July The VI Platform Meeting of LIFE projects will take place in Janów Lubelski. Representatives of many LIFE + projects will appear at the meeting, including employees of the LIFE + ForBioSensing project. The project accepted the invitation of the organizer on behalf of the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Lublin, the coordinating beneficiary of the LIFE13 NAT / PL / 000032 project, "In harmony with nature - LIFE + for Janów Forests".

The VI Platform Meeting is to serve the exchange of good practices and enable participants to create forums for exchanging experiences as part of activities in LIFE projects. In the program of the meeting, many categories of discussions are planned. The following topics will be addressed in them: applying for funds for the implementation of the project, settlement of LIFE projects, as well as maintaining the sustainability of the effects achieved and solving potential difficulties that may arise during the project.

Important issues will be addressed that are directly related to the LIFE + Forbiosensing project. The team's employees will try to share the experience gained during the implementation of the project in the most effective way.

Thank you to the organizers for the invitation.


Text. W.Duranowska

Photos. LIFE+ Programme