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ForBioSensing, our activities in the Bialowieza Forest: Maintenance of weather stations

With a view to the access to current and accurate spatial information in the ForBioSensing project, the Meteoportal site was created, which gives the opportunity to check the current weather in different areas of the Białowieża Forest. It presents readings from three meteorological stations, located on three Bialowieza forest glades. It is easier to plan a trip to the area (professionally or touristly), we can see if it is wet in the forest (because it was raining), whether there is dew or if there were strong gusts of wind.

Our employees constantly take care of their maintenance - they are constantly removing seasonal pollution and possible defects. In connection with spring flowering in the Forest,
Last week, field workers set to work to clear the station area. A trimmer turned out to be a valuable tool, thanks to which the order was again placed on the meteorological stations.

The measurements are carried out at meteorological stations automatically, every 10 minutes. We have a small effort to have current access to very detailed data, to use which we cordially invite you.

Current data is displayed on our website www.forbiosensing.pl in the Meteoportal tab.


Text. W.Duranowska

Photos. K.Szyłak, K.Rzeczycki