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The fourth radio program of the Forbiosensing project - Polskie Radio Białystok 99.4FM

Already on the next Monday (ie 10/12/2018) you will have the opportunity to listen to our fourth project program. You will be able to learn from it, among others: who we cooperate with, how our everyday work in the field looks like and the premiere we will talk about our latest promotional film.

If you are curious about what we were talking about in the previous three programs - we invite you to listen to the programs from the following links:

First radio program: http://www.radio.bialystok.pl/wiadomosci/index/id/129456
Second radio program: http://www.radio.bialystok.pl/ekosfera/index/id/139739
Third radio program: http://www.radio.bialystok.pl/ekosfera/index/id/150434

On Monday, 10/12/2018 at 16:45, we invite you to set up your radios at 99.4FM :)