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"We share knowledge, we use experience"

On November 15-16, Busko Zdrój hosted another, fourth meeting of the Platform Meeting LIFE projects. This year's event took place on the initiative of Zespół Świętokrzyskich and Nadnidziańskich Krajobrazów Parkowe in Kielce, the beneficiary coordinating the LIFE13 NAT / PL / 000038 project, titled "Protection of valuable natural habitats in Ponidzie."

Platform Meeting enables participants to exchange experiences directly in the activities co-financed by the LIFE program. The program of the meeting includes three areas of discussion (so-called "thematic tables"): LIFE project settlements, reporting to the EC and NFEP & WM, accounting issues; maintaining sustainability of the "After LIFE" project and good practices and difficulties encountered in implementing LIFE projects.

During the three above discussion categories, important issues have been raised that are directly related to the LIFE + Forbiosensing project, in particular ways to monitor project indicators, good practices in replicating project results, ways to successfully transfer project results in other areas, using the idea of ​​volunteering in the project. Representatives of our team were fully involved in the discussion, sharing with the participants the experience gained during the project.

Thank you to the organizers for a successful meeting.

Photo. Wojciech Sołtysiak

Text. W.Duranowska, D.Korzybski