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One of the most important tasks related to the implementation of projects under the LIFE program is cooperation with other Beneficiaries - Networking. This task enables the exchange of knowledge and experience, establishing contacts as well as presenting activities implemented as part of projects. Among the mentioned Beneficiaries with whom we cooperate as part of "networking" is the Life Emu New project. In today's news, we would like to present you its form and present the most important program assumptions.

A pro-ecological pilot plant for the production of modified bitumen emulsions

The team of experts from Flukar Sp. z o. o. developed a concept of innovative technology in the world, which will help to solve some of the problems related to the management of polymer waste. The application for the implementation of a pro-ecological pilot installation for the production of bitumen emulsions modified with waste polymer nanostructures (abbreviated LIFE EMU NEW) obtained funding under the LIFE Program from the European Commission and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.
The LIFE program is the only financial instrument of the European Union devoted exclusively to co-financing projects in the field of environmental and climate protection. Its primary goal is to support the implementation of Community environmental law and to identify and promote new, innovative solutions to problems related to nature and the environment. During more than 20 years of the program's operation, the European Commission has granted funding for nearly 4180 projects from all over Europe, including 69 from Poland. NFOŚiGW since 2008 serves as the National Contact Point for LIFE and supports Polish applicants with an additional project co-financing program. LIFE EMU NEW is a technologically advanced and ecologically advanced undertaking whose primary goal is to demonstrate innovative technology that allows to obtain bitumen emulsions modified with nanostructures from waste polymers, characterized by better strength and strain parameters compared to those currently used in road engineering. Innovative technical solutions assume the cooperation of four technological nodes: the production of modified bitumen, the production of nanofibers, liquefaction, purification and modification of waste polymers and the production of emulsions. The pro-ecological value of the project is demonstrated by the large-scale use of waste polymers for the production of asphalt binder modifiers and the production of nanofibers, which constitute an additional, innovative way to improve the properties of bitumen emulsions. As part of the project, consistent information and promotion activities are conducted simultaneously among target groups and efforts are made to increase public awareness of the potential associated with the application of nanotechnologies in road and construction. We encourage you to visit the website dedicated to the project at www.emunew.pl

Photo. Life Emu New

Text. G. Nieradka, W.Duranowska