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Bialowieża Forest, admiring biodiversity: Autumn gifts in the Forest ...

The changing number of hours of the day and night "inform" the surrounding vegetation and game that the time of rest is approaching. Although the greenery around it gradually disappears and overlaps with the palette of other (autumn) colors, our specialists can still admire the treasures of the Forest. It is not without reason that this month is called the "period of gifts".

Forest at the time of the so-called "Golden Polish Autumn" delights with the richness of fruit: mass fruit trees and shrubs - oaks, hazel, as well as plum blackthorn or wild pear trees. It is impossible not to notice the activity of animals - squirrels make supplies for the winter, jays choose nuts, and wild boars acorns eat with acorns. ForBioSensing specialists working in the field praise this time of year also for the smell of mushrooms, because it is a time of their abundance.

In today's news, we present autumn gifts that have been captured by our specialists during measurements. The Forest at any time is trying to admire its natural beauty. But during the autumn season it does it particularly often - it presents us not only the richness of the forest undergrowth, but also makes design works easier with a colored carpet of falling leaves that rustle underfoot to commemorate the days gone by.

Photos. Kamil Pilch

Text. W.Duranowska