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Forest Gene Bank

The team "Life + ForBioSensing" performing daily project tasks related to the monitoring of stands of the Białowieża Forest has frequent opportunities to document its unique natural wealth. Such additional activities of our field team turn out (not for the first time) very useful for various institutions. It was the same last week. Published on our website and FB profile, information about the observation of, among others: rosy round-leaved (Drosera rotundifolia L.) turned out to be very useful for the Forest Gene Bank Kostrzyca.

For some time, the team from Kostrzyca was looking for the aforementioned plant in the Bialowieza Forest area for the purposes of the project titled: "Molecular identification (barking) and DNA banking for selected plant species from the Białowieża Primeval Forest ". This project assumes obtaining fragments of tissues and seeds of the most valuable plants from the Białowieża Primeval Forest in order to secure them for the future. Many of the species selected for harvest are currently threatened with extinction, hence there is a huge need to protect their genetic resources.

At the request of LBG Kostrzyca, the employees of our project immediately provided information about the location of the sundew's position, so that specialists could download material from it to the gene bank. Thanks to the agreement of both teams, he found his place in the long-sought after species.

Text: W.Duranowska, D.Korzybski; photo by: Łukasz Kuberski