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IX Conference of the Italian Society for Remote Sensing


 On 4-6 July 2018, at the headquarters of the University of Florence in Italy, the IX International Conference of the Italian Society for Remote Sensing took place, entitled "From space to land management - detection technologies (sustainable development and natural resource management)".

 During the conference, participants from many European countries had an opportunity to get to know the LIFE + ForBioSensing project, including its purpose, methods of obtaining data and previous results. Our representative: dr hab. Krzysztof Stereńczak, presented two presentations on "Characteristics of biological diversity in the Bialowieza Forest using data from ALS and Sentinel" and "Usefulness of ALS data in forest monitoring: LIFE + ForBioSensing, H2020 BACI and GlobALS initiative".

 In the speeches, important issues related to the monitoring of the Bialowieza Forest were raised. For our team, it was an excellent opportunity to present their experiences and knowledge in the field of remote sensing. A very important place in speeches was the issue of: collecting, creating and using databases - in the context of the methods developed for forest monitoring. Papers met with a warm reception of listeners.

 Over 160 people participated in the conference (according to the organizers' data).



Text: Wirginia Duranowska, Damian Korzybski