Stakeholders of the Project Stakeholders of the Project

The State Forests National Forest Holding

Ministry of the Environment, Department of Forestry and Nature Conservation

Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy in Białystok

Department of Forest Silviculture, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

Department of Forest Management Planning, Geomatics and Forest Economics, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

The Mammal Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Białowieża

Regional Management of the State Forests in Białystok

Regional Management of the Environmental Protection in Białystok

Białowieża National Park

Bialowieża Forest District

Hajnówka Forest District

Browsk Forest District

District office in Hajnówka

Białowieża Commune

Polish Forest Society, Białystok Department

Białowieża Primeval Forest

Polish Society for the Protection of Birds


Main chair of the League of Nature Conservation

SANTA- Bialowieża Forest Protection Association

Department of Forestry, Białystok University of Technology

Greenpeace Poland

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management

International Union Of Forest Research Organizations

European Forest Institute

International Union Of Forest Research Organizations

The EU institutions: the Directorates

European Forest Platform

Confederation of European Forest Owners (CEPF)

European State Forests Association (EUSTAFOR)

International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)

The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS)

The European Forest Institute (EFI)

The European Commission and the European Parliament

LULCaFT (Land Use / Land Cover and Forest Types)

In respect of determination issues and change analysis of ABG (Above Ground Biomass) methods of aerial and satellite remote sensing.

REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation)

In projects where remote sensing methods are used for large forest areas.